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CASA-What it takes to become a volunteer

CASA-What it takes to become a volunteer

Ever wondered what CASA is or what it takes to get involved?

 CASA is Court Appointed Special Advocate that volunteers time to mentor and be the voice for children in the foster system.  After hours of training and lots of excitement, I can't wait to be sworn in and start showing support. Looking forward to being a consistent caring adult while they are going through so many changes in their lives. Walking with a child in their time of need when nothing feels like it is stable.  This is the start of a two-year journey.  Just two more steps to go until I can be matched with my CASA youth and start making a difference.  Although it seems like a daunting list, all the steps below are what it takes to become a CASA. The training goes by fast and I've learned a lot in the process.

If you'd like to learn more about the organization please visit their website 


 2 Hours of orientation, 1 Application, 1 Autobiography consisting of 3200 words or more, 30 hours of training, 1 live scan/fingerprint, 1 DMV screen, 1 Copy of my drivers' license and social security #, 1 Photo for court badge, 1 Interview, 1 Swearing-in ceremony 



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